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Top 10 LED Poultry Lights Manufacturers In China

led poultry lightsLED Poultry Lights are lighting fixtures specifically designed to provide ideal lighting conditions for chickens and other poultry on commercial and backyard farms. Warm light has a clear effect on the physiology of poultry, and this LED light technology produces a specific spectrum that mimics natural sunlight, which is critical to the health and productivity of poultry.

LED poultry lights are usually installed in poultry houses or chicken coops to provide a constant and suitable light source for poultry and adjust the circadian rhythm, which helps to stimulate the growth and development of poultry and increase production. At the same time, bright light can reduce the stress caused by the environment of poultry and improve the overall health of poultry. On the other hand, LED poultry lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting, and have low maintenance costs, which are conducive to energy saving and are more environmentally friendly.

The components that make up a LED poultry light may vary slightly by model and manufacturer, but the main components include: LEDs, lens or cover, housing of the light, driver, heat sink, wiring and connectors, etc.

LED poultry lights are used in many commercial and backyard poultry farming countries around the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and some Asian countries, and even in European Union countries animal welfare regulations require proper lighting in poultry houses.

Best LED Poultry Lights Manufacturer In China

1. Luge Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

LUGELUGE Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on LED lighting. Industrial and commercial lamps and poultry farming lamps production factory, the whole industry chain. We produce OEM and ODM order professionally. For many years, we have been committed to the R&D, production and sales of waterproof lighting products and control systems. We can provide advanced LED lighting solutions and support for you. We have successfully mastered various mature solutions for breeding, slaughtering, deep processing, cold storage lighting, and have many patented technologies in this field. Products range includes LED tri-proof lights, LED poultry lights, LED high bay lights, LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED tube light, LED bracket light, LED panel lights and so on. They are widely used in poultry house, pig house, food factories, workshops, supermarkets, offices, underground parking etc. We have 12 years of experience in waterproof lamp manufacturing, overseas distributors can long-term stable cooperation. We always eager to work closely with our global partners to build the mutual advantages.

Main Products: LED Triproof Light, LED Poultry Lights, Light Fixture, LED Tubes, Waterproof LED Light.

Advantages: Our company gathers a number of professional engaged in LED lighting product research and development, production and management. Has advanced Japanese JUKI full-automatic patch, production line and high-speed plug-in production line. And is committed to provide the world with high quality products, high standard and personalized LED lighting products.

2. Zhengzhou Ledinpro Lighting Co., Ltd

LedinproLedinpro is a registered trademark, created and developed based on the idea of horticultural, industrial, farm , aquarium & reptile Lighting and smart control. We are leading in LED horticultural lights, commercial lights, LED poultry lights, aquarium lights & smart control system. Your seamless collaborated ODM one-stop solution partner! Our main goal is designing and distributing all types of LED lighting solutions for horticultural, industrial, farm, aquarium & reptile Lighting and smart control. The market is constantly changing and so is technology. In order to be competitive and unique in the market, your products must be updated with the latest technology. The R&D of Ledinpro is always at the leading position. Experienced assembly line workers, modern management, well-equipped workshops, real-time monitoring and emergency response mechanisms makes our supply reliable! In the field of LED lighting, we focus on innovation and professionalism (led-in-pro). Innovative research and development is our primary productive force. Professionalism and quality are our cornerstones. In addition to products, we are committed to providing integrated solutions for lighting, control and power supply. Our goal is to reach an agreement with the market, provide customers with the most valuable solutions and the best quality products, and let customers add value in this regard. Fast passage, seamless connection, contracted freight. With Ledinpro contract logistics services, your deliveries will be safe and on time.

Main Products: LED Grow Lights, LED Poultry Lights, Wireless Hydroponic Lighting System, LED Aquarium Lights, UV Grow Lights.

Advantages: We have 17 years of LED lamp design and manufacturing experience. Professional R&D team with more than 50 engineers. A full set of optoelectronic laboratories, advanced plant equipment. VDE, ENEC, TUV, UL, ETL, CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, KC, SAA, CB certification. ISO9001 quality control system with IQC, IPQC, OQC teams and processes.

3. Shenzhen Galaxy Lighting Tech Limited

Galaxy LightingShenzhen Galaxy Lighting Tech Ltd is specialized in lighting since 2011, start from LED tubes, bulbs, spotlight, panel light to LED flood lights, UFO highbay lights, LED poultry lights and solar light in these 2 years. OEM is welcomed. Our company invest millions yuan to establish the product and testing lab for high power lamp. With more than 8 years of producing and trading experience, we are proud to call ourselves specialist within lighting and accessories. Our company is quality oriented and has good feedback from our customers year and year. With a constant flow of new products, strong partnerships with reliable raw material suppliers, and a cost-efficient organization, we are able to present high-quality products to our customers. Many years of lighting products design and production experience enable us to help our customers getting the right products at the right prices. All of our LED lighting have undergone rigorous testing and also meet the standard of CE, ROHS, CB, SAA, CCC. Meanwhile, all of our outdoor LED lights are passed the double 85 test (85℃ and 85% humidity), salt spray test and dust test etc,. Our R&D team has been in the lighting business for over 10 years. With clients in more than 20 countries across. We are extremely flexible, service mindedness and adaptable to our customer’s demands and needs. Our Delivery timeWith your specifications, we can have your samples ready in just 7 days. And 10~25 days for bulk order, according to the quantity. Our prospect is to design and make top-quality LED lamps for customers and to play an indispensable role in the field of general lights.

Main Products: LED tube, LED Bulb, Lighting Demo Case, Solar LED light, LED Flood Light, LED Poultry Lights.

Advantages: We can provide OEM & ODM service, and customized lighting product. Production for more than 8 years with professional R&D team. We also can design and produce LED driver by ourselves and we hava mould cooperation factory. We are able to present high quality products to our customers.

4. Shenzhen AMB Technology Co., Ltd

AMB TechnologyShenzhen AMB Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006. It is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of industrial & agriculture lighting and a key high-tech enterprise of the poultry lighting and solutions. All of our mission is to improve animal health and welfare through applied photo-biology and technology. Help our customers increase the income by saving installation costs, energy food feed, reducing mortality and increase production. AMB Technology has strong R&D Team, all of engineers have more than 10years experience in LED lighting industrial. Scientists actively research the science of light, while our team incorporate research into commercial technologies. We always keeping develop new technology smart lighting solutions for industrial and agriculture application. We know animals see lighting differently and lighting plays a important role in the growth of poultry. We species specific different lighting system for different animals: broilers poultry, layers poultry, turkey poultry, pullets and breeders poultry, duck , swine, cow, sheep. Besides the lighting for animal, of course we care about the people who take care of the animals. We have “all in one” function lighting system for your farm, service lighting for human and biology lighting for animals. We use the most advanced technology and high-quality products to serve customers worldwide. Until now we have more than 47 distributors around the world. After more than ten years’ development, Shenzhen AMB Technology has become a leading manufacturer in the LED poultry lights in China by virtue of its management, technology, and quality advantages. At present, our company has been constantly innovating and making breakthroughs. We have launched the 13th generation of the poultry lighting solution. Our Vision is to be an excellent and respectable world class LED industrial and agriculture enterprise.

Main Products: Smart LED Poultry Lights, Dairy Barn LED lighting, Smart lighting Control System, Smart Industrial LED lighting.

Advantages: Shenzhen AMB Technology has highly production ability, we could produce 100000pieces LED poultry lighting ,50000pieces LED industrial lighting. Our products have ETL, DLC, SAA.CE.ROHS.NOM.KC.CB, SASO, IP67, Corrosion free, D-mark approvals.


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